Pre-suit Collection
Judgement Recovery & Enforcement
Debt Collection

Welcome to Mutual Equity Corp!

Mutual Equity Corp is a fully licensed and bonded collection agency in the state of Michigan. We specialize in helping individuals and businesses collect on money judgments and other debt that has gone unpaid. We are a full scale Michigan Judgment Recovery & Collection Agency that utilizes the latest technology and collection methods to meet the needs of our individual clients.

Debt Collection

Does your business have an accounts receivable issue? Let Mutual Equity Corp recover the money owed to your business, restoring needed capital all while saving your company money. Read More

Judgement Recovery

Mutual Equity Corp specializes in the collection and enforcement of judicial judgments. Using various techniques to locate and seize your debtor’s assets to recover the full amount of your unpaid judgment. Read More

Pre-suit Collections

Mutual Equity Corp. provides custom tailored letters and other FDCPA approved forms of personal contact specifically designed to maximize your cash recoveries and debtor engagement. Read More